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Green Apple Day of Service


On Sept. 24, 2016, the Green Apple Day of Service will bring together thousands of students, teachers, parents and community leaders from around the globe to improve school environments through service projects, education, community events and more. The Green Apple Day of Service inspires volunteers to transform learning environments into safe, engaging and comfortable facilities that enhance kid’s ability to learn and teacher’s ability to teach. Overall the goal is to engage students in learning about conservation and sustainability.

Your project can take place on Saturday, September 24th, but it does not have to.

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Thursday 3/30/2017

Join us for a drink and appetizers at USGBC Ohio Northeast Region's annual meeting. We'll update you on the great progress made in merging the USGBC Ohio Chapter and we'll celebrate the winners of this year's Green Building Challenge.

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Wednesday 4/05/2017

Getting N2 ND - LEED Neighborhood Development is designed to introduce students to what it means to be a LEED-ND certified neighborhood and how associating your project can provide added benefits compared to a conventional development. This course will take a closer look at an actual project and the tools for finding LEED ND certified neighborhoods.

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